Rustil Safety (English)

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Rustil+ (liquid)

Rustil+ is not considered to be hazardous, but to be on the safe side always be cautious when handling cleaning chemicals. The information on this page is presented out of an abundance of caution and is taken from the manufacturer's MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet).

If swallowed: No known risks from ingestion, but not edible. In case of ingestion, drink water and get medical attention. Do not induce vomiting.
Cleaning cookware: After cleaning cookware, wash well with soap and water.
Skin: No known risks. People with skin sensitive to detergents: may cause mild irritation. To be on the safe side, wear waterproof gloves when handling. In case of skin contact wash immediately with soap and water. In case of irritation get medical attention.
Allergy info: 
Does not contain any known allergens. People with severe allergies: take all due precautions.
Eyes: No known risk. PH level: approx. 5.1. To be on the safe side, wear eye protection when handling. In case of contact with eyes, remove contact lenses and wash eyes with water for 15 minutes, including under eyelids. Seek medical attention.
Inhalation: No known risk from inhalation. To be on the safe side, use in a well ventilated space. In case of difficulty breathing immediately move to a well ventilated space and seek medical attention.
Long term exposure: No known risks. Not known to the United States as a carcinogen.
Ecological damage: "Green" product - not known to be polluting. If contaminated objects were cleaned, consider the liquid contaminated and dispose of appropriately.

If in doubt, seek medical attention.

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